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Welcome to I work with student applicants to craft compelling essays for college or graduate school admissions.


The Admission Essay - Why it Matters


The student’s essay is the single best way for schools to see past the numbers and to learn who the student really is. The job of the essay is to help the Admission Officer visualize the student as part of the fabric of their school. When the dust for everything else has settled, that’s what matters most.

Admissions officers are running out of calibration devices,” says Barmak Nassirian, associate executive director of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers. “All else being the same or similar, the essay suddenly becomes meaningful because it becomes a tie breaker.”

NY Times article “The Almighty Essay”


The Process

The Intake, Writing, and Completion process generally follows the below path:


The essay process usually starts out with a short conversation with parents and/or student to help them understand the approach, the fee structure, and to answer any questions they might have. This is usually done over the phone, over video call, or over email if necessary. Afterwards a basic questionnaire is sent to both parents and student to help gather information that will be used to help craft the best essay possible.  Any early essay drafts already written by the student (and comments by reviewers) can be submitted as well. Once submitted and reviewed, another meeting is set up, this time in person (though optionally via remote) where we would review the questionnaires together as needed, strategize on an approach, and put together the work schedule. An initial fee associated with intake would be due at this point, which would be applied to the overall costs if we decided to move forward.


Essay Writing:

Once a schedule of activities is laid out, the student and I begin the process of selecting the essay prompts to respond to, brainstorming ideas, and constructing an outline for each essay. From there, we’d have regular checkpoints using an iterative process (student writes, I review and edit, we collaborate to bring it together), providing updates to the parents on where we are along the milestones. Depending on the family’s preferences, parents can be brought closer to the process, but usually prefer to let their young adult manage things day to day.


Essays are not done until the student and I are both satisfied with them. If there is a college advisor that needs to review, her/his input is welcome at the family’s discretion.


Succes Stories

Some of the schools that Essays has helped students get into :

Undergraduate Programs

Baruch College /  Zicklin School of Business          Macaulay Honors College
Binghamton University                                           Rutgers University
Drexel University                                                    New York University
Hunter College                                                       Queens College
University of Maryland                                            Yeshiva University & Stern College


Graduate Programs


​Albert Einstein College of Medicine                        Hofstra Graduate School

New York Medical College                                      Pace University Graduate School

Rutgers - New Jersey Medical School                    L. I.U. Graduate School

Feedback from clients :

Hi, I just wanted to let you know I got my acceptance to [first choice] School of Business. Thanks again for all your help. I couldn't have done it without you.


 - from a student, via text message :)

Our son is strong in math and science, but needed some assistance in organizing his thoughts and in figuring out ‘his story’ for his personal statements and supplemental essays for colleges in the US and Israel.  Howard made him feel comfortable from their first in-person meeting, helped him work through options and approaches, and through their partnership, drove him towards creating essays that really reflected who he was - all on a really tight schedule. He was admitted to all the schools he applied to and is really excited for his freshman year !


- S. K. -- Teaneck, NJ


My child is a good student, but found the college essay a bit daunting because it asks you to speak about yourself somewhat personally. That is not something that he wanted to share in draft form with myself or my husband nor something he was comfortable completing on his own and so we found ourselves in bind. In a few short days after working with Howard, they had crafted an essay so on the money to who he was that he was proud to share it with us and all the schools he was interested in. We are grateful that he got into his first choice school and would recommend Convey-U and Howard to anyone who wants to help smooth the path for their child to write an essay that shows off who they really are. For the stress it took off our relationship, it would have been worth it alone.


 - M B S -- Bergen County, NJ


My student needed help putting together an essay that reflected their strengths.They met with Howard a few times, and together they were able to build something that really made our child feel good about themself. The best part was that I did not have to nag them to work on it (I guess Howard did that). We know how Howard works with children from the youth sports league he runs, and are not surprised how that translated to working with our ‘young adult’.


 - Anonymous -- Bergen County, NJ


About Howard

In addition to my career in Program Management at top-tier financial firms, I’ve been the ‘go to’ resource for family and friends seeking college and graduate school admissions essay help. I’m both very good at helping craft essays that impress, and equally as important, really good at working with students and putting the structure in place to get it all done without adding to the stress of the parent/child relationship.  After spending the summer of 2018 working with a student on the myriad of essays required for various medical schools, I decided to extend my services to others. I find it fun, and the feedback from parents and students has been great.

I've worked with both private and public school students,  helping them get accepted to the programs they desired most.

Additionally, I’ve spent the last 13 years running a youth sports organization (grades K-8). Most enjoyably, that experience has provided a venue to help kids, where I’ve worked with literally hundreds of children and teens over the years, including my own three (who are college age +). Less relevant, but since we’re here, I hold an MBA from New York University and a Bachelor’s degree (Computer Science) from Rutgers University.

You can contact me at

 - Howard Eisenstadter



While each student requires a different amount of help (and time) to complete the essays that we work on, it’s important that fees are predictable for all involved.

Please contact for more information.



Getting Started

College Applications are generally due by:


  • Early Action : November 1st of senior year

  • Early Decision: November 1st of senior year

  • Regular Action : December 1st of senior year (but varies)

Many high school college guidance offices seek final application (including essays) in early October.

The best way towards stress free success is to think about the application activities with your student and plan suffiently before applications are due.

Find out if is a good fit for your family by sending a note to 

and we'll set up a conversation.

Regardless of your family's approach to the application and essay process, wishing you the best of luck during this frequently stressful process.